About Opole

Opole is a voivodeship capital with 128,000 residents located in the South of Poland, near Czech and German border (54 km and 240 km respectively). Opole is a part of an  Agglomeration with 320,000 residents. The city closely cooperates with communes which form the agglomeration and the aim of such cooperation is to promote economic growth and new jobs creation.

Opole population
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Stefanini. Najwyższy poziom wsparcia IT dla międzynarodowych firm i koncernów.
One of the largest coach companies in Poland
Nowa Itaka
The biggest travel agency in Poland. Headquarter in Opole
Bedmet Logistic
Company specialising in transporting oversize cargo
High quality ITO services
Outsourcing, technology and consulting services
Future Processing
Developing customised software and rendering related services
opta data
Outsourcing of accounting for medical industry, customer service for German speakers
Developing green technologies and industrial installations
Call Center Inter Galactica
B2B and B2C customer service
Contact Center One
B2B and B2C customer service
Eco industry IT and training company
ista Shared Services
Shared services centre of ista group Utilities consumption control, accounting and IT services, High-Tech Centre
Nutricia | Danone
One of the biggest manufacturers of children and baby food in Europe
Ice-cream manufacturer
Zott Polska
Manufacturer of dairy products (yoghurts, desserts, drinks and other)
Animex Foods
Manufacturer of poultry meat preparations
Monier Braas
Manufacturer of roof system elements
Manufacturer of aluminum systems for construction industry
The Institute of Ceramics and Construction Materials
Develops and implements new technological solutions for the production of construction materials with the use of waste materials
Insulation materials
Manufacturer of ceramic and steel chimney and ventilation systems
ALU-PRO Polska
Manufacturer of aluminum profiles for glass units
SELT Sun Protection Systems
Manufacturer of sunshields
Manufacturer of stands and hydraulic cylinders
Art – Odlew
Manufacturer of decorative brass, bronze and aluminum castings
Moviebird International
Manufacturer of camera cranes for film sets
Manufacturer of process equipment and appliances
HFG Polska
Manufacturer of steel structures for offshore platforms
Kelvion (GEA Technika Cieplna)
Manufacturer of heat exchangers
Firma oferująca wybuchową obróbkę metali
APC Presmet
Manufacturer of pressure appliances
ifm Ecolink
Manufacturer of industrial automation appliances, operating in R&D centre in Opole
PZ Stelmach
The biggest manufacturer of rings in Poland
SBB Energy
Operating within energy sector and industry, providing services such as commissioning, assembly, and other specialist work
Tower Automotive Polska
Manufacturer of car components
Auto Power Electronic
Manufacturer of automotive electronics and electrical engineering
Brokelmann Polska
Manufacturer of aluminum parts for the automotive industry
Polaris Industries
Manufacturer of off-road vehicles
UFI Filters
Producer of heat exchangers.
automotive interior elements
Global Steering Systems
Manufacturer of steering system parts