Entertainment and culture

Opole is commonly known as the Capital City of Polish Song. Popular festivals are held in Opole every year. The most significant one is the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole which has been attracting thousands of tourists, TV viewers, and media for half a century. Fans of the festival may get a bit sentimental when visiting the newly created Museum of Polish Song. Cultural life of Opole can offer such prestigious events as the Opole Theatre Confrontations – Polish Classics. Opole is also home for the Polish Festival of Puppet Theatre. The festival reflects the diversity of contemporary puppet art with shows aimed not only at kids and youngsters. On the cultural map of Opole one may also find modern Municipal Public Library which is considered one of the seven wonders of European funds.

Opole can offer a wide range of recreational and tourist activities for its residents and guests alike. Bike lanes are systematically expanding and soon the bike lane network should cover major sections of the city as a part of one cohesive communication system. Opole is full of green and recreational areas, where one can enjoy time without the hustle and bustle of the city. The following are perfect for a Sunday stroll: Bolko Island Municipal Park, Młynówka embankment, Nadodrzański Park, Karol Musioł Boulevard, and ZOO in Opole which is one of the most beautiful in Poland. When not working, fans of active recreation may use one of the many sports and recreational facilities located in Opole, such as: Toropol artificial ice rink, 50-metre indoor swimming pool called Wodna Nuta and 25-metre one called Akwarium, outdoor swimming pool (called Błękitna Fala), Spots Centre located at Północna street, bowling alley, fitness clubs, gyms, and modern athletics stadium.

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Foreigners in Opole

International school

For many years Opole has been attracting the American capital. In Opole one may find branches of such companies as Polaris, Tower Automotive, Global Stearing Systems, and Animex. We have a school and kindergarten which teach and certify their programmes according to American standards. There is an institution operating under Public Primary School no. 20 in Opole which follows American curriculum. The school is for both the children of foreigners working in Opole and for Polish children. The school is run with the support provided by an institution from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the head office of Polaris Industries is located. Pupils learn using American schoolbooks and educational materials. Lessons are taught by bilingual teachers some of which interned at US institutions. Students also work with US native speaker. Curriculum is to be broadened to lower secondary levels. There are multiple bilingual classes in Opole in which students speak English, German, or Spanish. Similarly to the American school, classes based on German curriculum are to be created.

Confucius Institute

The Centre of Polish and Chinese Cooperation, Confucius Institute, is a public benefit institution whose mission is to promote Chinese language and culture. The Institute operates not only for the University but for the whole community of the region. The institute is one of 200 organisations of such kind in the world. The organisations are associated in the international network whose head office, Hanban (The Office of International Council of Chinese Language), is located in Beijing. Hanban is composed of the representatives of 12 commissions and ministries of Chinese government. It is a non-profit organisation subordinated to the Chinese Ministry of Education, which aims at promoting Chinese language and culture. The organisation was established as a result of growing global interest in Chinese culture. As estimated, approximately 25 million foreigners are learning Chinese and the number is still growing.



Polish for foreigners
  • Foreign Language Library – free of charge conversations – Polish for foreigners (for beginners).
    +48 77 4539194 ; e-mail: bo@wbp.opole.pl
  • University of Opole – free of charge and commercial courses – Polish for foreigners.
    Contact person: Elżbieta Szymańska-Czaplak, +48 784 337 544; e-mail: ela@uni.opole.pl
American library

Having taken part in “america@your library®” progamme, our library can now offer a lot of materials in English, including books for readers of any age. The library offers novels, comic books, photograph albums, encyclopaedia, dictionaries, monographs, reviews, and abstracts on US history, culture, geography, politics, sociology, and literature. Additional attraction is the collection of board games inspired by American culture, such as The Scrambled States of America or Marvel Comics Monopoly. As part of our cooperation with American libraries we gained access to tens of online databases of library’s, which include magazine articles, e-books, encyclopaedia for children and adults, movies, and English learning materials (including didactic materials for teachers). The databases are suitable for readers and viewers of all ages. Learning materials include simple games and lessons. The databases for the youth are a great teaching tool in many fields of science. Students and researchers may access full articles and studies.

The Consulate for the Federal Republic of Germany

Opole is also home for the largest number of representatives of German minorities and as a result German consulate operates truly dynamically. The consulate organises regular meetings for German companies operating in Opolskie Voivodeship and assists business and residents in their everyday life.

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The Consulate for the Republic of Croatia

Institution fostering and cultivating economic and cultural relations between Poland and the Republic of Croatia.